Revitalizing the Historic West End District by George Abie Williams

Virginia, one of the first colonized parts of America, has a wealth of history and an architectural tradition that spans centuries. In Radford, Virginia, efforts to restore and revitalize the historic West End district preserve the community’s legacy, while encouraging economic growth.

Officially designated a historic district in 2005, Radford’s West End is home to many historical buildings. While many notable homes are often registered historical sites, the West End Commercial district is primarily designated as the 100, 200, and 300 blocks of West Main, formerly First Street.

Restoration of the commercial properties is currently underway. While preserving the historic integrity of these buildings is a priority, Radford is dedicated to the property serving functional uses and increasing commercial traffic.

About the Author: George Abie Williams is a real-estate developer dedicated to the improvement of Radford, Virginia. Through his role as Chairman of the Radford High School Foundation, he recently assisted in the community fund raising efforts to build the Radford Municipal Baseball Field, considered by many as one of the finest high school facilities in Virginia.


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