About George Abie Williams

George Abie Williams, a financial advisor with three decades of experience, currently serves as the Senior Vice President Investments for Stifel Nicolaus & Co., Inc. in Radford, Virginia. As the manager of the branch, Mr. Williams gives guidance to clients as they invest in various financial instruments. Williams works closely with other professionals, including accountants and attorneys to assist in the development of financial plans for client needs. Prior to joining Stifel Nicolaus in 2010, Mr. Williams spent nearly three decades establishing his reputation in the Radford area. He started his career in the financial services industry in 1981 with the firm Legg Mason Wood Walker, Inc. George Abie Williams became the Branch Manager in 1983 and subsequently the Senior Vice President before the company was acquired by Citi Smith Barney. Mr. Williams continued to work with the firm until 2009, when another merger turned the enterprise into Morgan Stanley Smith Barney. During his tenure, Mr. Williams was consistently recognized in the firm’s prestigious advisor groups and named to the Directors Council for top-ranking financial advisors. Williams has gained accolades outside the company, being featured in Virginia Business magazine and Registered Rep. magazine. In addition to his primary work as a financial advisor, George Abie Williams maintains close involvement with local real estate development as well, having developed Inglewood, a prestigious single family housing subdivision. Mr. Williams is currently working to renovate older commercial properties in Radford’s West End historic district. As a business leader in the community, George Abie Williams formerly served as Chairman of the Radford Industrial Development Authority and the President of the Radford Host Lions Club. Mr. Williams contributes to several initiatives aimed at improving education and athletics as well, including his positions as Chairman of the Radford High School Foundation and former President of the Radford University Foundation Athletic Association. In addition, Mr. Williams participates on the Board of Trustees at Piedmont International University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.


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