Radford’s Municipal Field

Radford High School Foundation,Inc

Radford High School Foundation,Inc


George Abie Williams is Senior Vice President Investments at the Radford, VA office of Stifel, a global investment banking and brokerage firm. Abie is an accomplished professional who has been named one of the top 50 wealth advisors in Virginia by Virginia Business Magazine. George Abie Williams spends his time outside of work contributing to local organizations and charities to better the community, such as the Radford High School Foundation,Inc..

The Radford High School Foundation, of which Mr. Williams is Chairman, is a non-profit charity designed to assist and enhance the already successful school system in Radford, VA. Originally established in 1986, the foundation supports both academic and athletic efforts in the four separate schools in Radford, and has contributed over half a million dollars in its mission to date.

One of the ways in which the foundation assists the students and teachers in the area is through its ongoing projects. The non-profit often has multiple, large-scale projects going on simultaneously for the betterment of the school system. One such project is the building of the Radford Municipal Field. A former landfill site, the Radford High School Foundation is working to transform the area into a fully-equipped baseball field for the use of the schools and recreational clubs in Radford.